Meditation in Motion?

Over the last 3 months or so I have been doing a lot of yoga. I started taking classes at my health club and now I am hooked. To go along with the yoga I thought I would try meditation. For my meditation, all I was doing was sitting down and trying to calm my mind and relax. You can imagine my surprise when my meditation turned into motion. I thought I was swaying oddly, but then I realized it was almost rhythmic. I am relaxing my mind, yet now my body wants to move?

I realized that I was feeling an energy, like a wave going through me, when I medidate. It takes less than a minute before I start moving. Why when I want to relax do I have to move? What do I do about the movement? Should I ignore it? Or stop meditating? Or call my doctor because it appears I am having a seizure?

I was wondering if the energy I was feeling move my body had somehow tapped into my mode of vibration. Not that I want to get all technical (my engineering side coming out…) but it made me think of a particular video of the famous Galloping Gertie Tacoma Narrows Bridge and its eventual destruction. Was I going to vibrate so hard that I came apart like the bridge? Surprisingly, I didn’t think the vibration itself was so strange (if you understand electricity it makes sense). But then we were talking about my body and electrical waves and the potential to vibrate too much, so it was a bit worrisome.

After a brief engineering refresher via Wikipedia, it seems that I have stored up potential energy that has decided to transfer from one form to another via…me! All this vibration is just an energy exchange. This was a relief, because I was actually enjoying the benefits of the meditation and I didn’t really want to quit. I am suprised to learn that meditation and my past engineering life crossed paths. Maybe the reason I like meditating so much is because it allows me to practice some engineering. Time for me to get moving, I mean meditating!

Yoga is killing me, but making me stronger

On week three of yoga I feel like it is killing me, but it is also making me stronger. After yesterday’s ‘practice’ I feel like an invalid. I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, my back is sore and my shoulders are tight. There are sore muscles in my legs and arms, but honestly I didn’t even know there were muscles in some of these places!

This afternoon (now that I finally limbered up) I was standing in the kitchen during the dinner rush-hour. “Did you see this?” I said, as I flex my arm in front of the whole family. “Wow!” they yelled back. They seemed impressed, but then again maybe the kids just thought it was cool that mommy flexed her arm like some tough guy and not the chubby armed gal that I am.

I have to say that I was impressed that in such a short time I actually saw change and improvement (particularly in my arms). This yoga business is tough, but I am now seeing physical benefits beyond the mental benefits I was already getting. It really does create a strong body and mind! I am still trying to figure out why I stopped doing yoga several years ago. Luckily it is never too late to get back into it. I am glad I didn’t wait any longer (the pain could only have been more excruciating if I had waited longer). When you are going to get back to doing something you love? Really, it doesn’t take long before you reap the benefits.

Power yoga…it was powerful alright!

I went to a Power yoga class at my gym today. Am I still allowed to call it a ‘gym’ or should I be saying ‘health club’ or ‘fitness club’. When I say gym it seems to be out of some antiquated habit I cannot break. I used to be a member of Gold’s Gym (even though I only took aerobics classes there). I feel like I date myself saying gym. Then again, maybe I date myself saying aerobics. I wasn’t sure if it was dated or regional. Sort of like saying pocketbook instead of purse.

I hadn’t been to a yoga class in about 4 years. I recall taking a class after Paige was born and I was in complete misery because in the class you were supposed to use your ‘core’ and my ‘core’ had just spent 9 months being stretched and was like an old rubber band; it wasn’t snapping back very quickly. So today after a multi-year hiatus from yoga, I re-entered the yoga world. First fatal error was that I didn’t have a yoga mat. I figured it was a gym (sorry, fitness club) they must have yoga mats? I actually lucked out because there were 2 yoga mats available (and I got one!). Clearly I was an oddity because everyone else had their own mats.

I knew the class might be a little hard (it was listed as intermediate), but I figured I run 2-3 times a week – it couldn’t be that hard! Well, I learned it was ‘that hard’. I felt like there were muscles that hadn’t been used in decades; although surely it couldn’t have been that long. Could it? I was lucky that I remembered most of the poses the instructor was doing – it was just a challenge keeping up. I didn’t know calling on these dusty and rusty muscle groups was going to make me so out of breath. One thing was for sure; I got my workout for the day. (Before the class I was worried it might not be strenuous enough for me.) My friends who are ‘yoga junkies’ are laughing at me now. I can hear it.

My favorite part of the class was the relaxation at the end. I could forget about all my worries (including the torture I had just experienced for the last hour). I actually really liked the class because it made me focus on my body as I made it move into all these crazy poses (I tried to get it to move, not always successful though). All I could think about was connecting my mind to my body. Everything else from the day seemed to fall away. I think I gained some much-needed patience that lasted through dinner and the usual evening routine with the kids. If my body could stand it, I could do that class every day and be a lot more mentally grounded. I probably won’t make it back tomorrow (since I may not be able to get out of bed) but I did promise the instructor that I would be back. Maybe I said that through the mind fog I experienced after the relaxation portion of the class. I am sure my post class yoga high will wear off tomorrow. Then I can decide if I am ready for another workout, or should I say yoga practice?