New Beginnings

Written at the end of my trip to Italy, July 2012

Vacation is over, time to return to daily lifeimg_0380.jpg
I am still a mom and friend, but not a wife

Daily life with all its ups and downs
I find it hard to keep my feet on the ground

My vacation inspired me and made me wonder
Is there more to life than this daily plunder?

A Vacation at the Lake


From the desert to the forest with the evergreen trees
A trip from coast to coast and I know where I’ll be

To the lake with the water splashing on the dock
The dirt road winds ’round the lake to walk

A trip so long by road, yet short by plane
Back to a place I grew up – so far, far away

Not just in miles but in years gone by
I long for the cool crisp air of night

The lake was always my second home you know
I traveled the world, always on the go

Not sure how I traveled – car, plane or boat
I am ready to return to the cabin down the road

Camp is a place in my heart and soul
It made my childhood memories like gold

I long for evenings sitting on the porch
The barbecue over and marshmallows scorched

A place still seen through my child’s eye
It looks so different as a grown-up, but why?

The Last Day of Vacation

Lovell Lake, New Hampshire
Lovell Lake, New Hampshire

The sunrise makes the sky so bright
It takes away the deep dark night
All the birds singing and squawking
Should I just be sitting or walking?

The day is beginning the day is near
The buzz of activity of day is here
The water of the lake is barely moving
No ripples – just seeing it is soothing

The sky above is blue and clear
If there’s a cloud, it isn’t here
A day to live, to enjoy, to breathe
My smile is so big you can see my teeth

I am happy with this calm of morning
Tomorrow I fly home, I’ll be soaring
Returning to my home, returning to my love
I feel the warmth of the sun above

The warmth is from the inside out
I will be happy to go home, no doubt

Christmas is over, now what? Goal Setting 2011!

Suddenly the frenzy of Christmas is over, with shopping, wrapping, and cooking behind me. First I have to deal with the aftermath of cardboard and paper recycling, eating of leftovers and finding places to store all of the kid’s new toys, then I can move on to the next BIG thing. Some people have a hard time trying to figure out what to do with themselves after Christmas besides hitting the after-Christmas sales or buying a new outfit for New Year’s Eve, but I have something much bigger in my sites.

What is next? Annual goal-setting! Last year was the first year I considered such a thing, yet this year it has become a ‘must-do’ activity. With all the accomplishments from last year, I seem to have gained the momentum of a snowball rolling downhill during an avalanche. Now that I have started accomplishing goals, I can’t stop setting them or achieving them. Last year I took the first step on a life-long goal of writing a book. Next year I will be editing, rewriting, and publishing the book. A giant task? Of course! Possible? Absolutely.

I learned many things last year about goal setting:
1) You can’t accomplish goals if you don’t set them.
2) If you think you have no goals, sit in front of hundreds of magazines and cut out pictures that grab your attention – they will just come to you.
3) Dreaming Big = Accomplishing Big
4) When you have friends to support you on you journey, any goal is possible

My biggest challenge for next year is setting achievable goals – because I feel like there are more things I would like to accomplish, than what I reasonably have time to complete.

Here is my first cut at goals for 2011, and now that I wrote them I guess I am committed:
1) Complete editing and formatting of my book “Clocks and Olives” and then find a publisher
2) Buy a new car (my VW Golf is from 2000)
3) Continue a healthy lifestyle of yoga, running, meditation and eating
4) Plan 1-2 vacations for the year to a place outside of Arizona
5) Bring peace, serenity, calm, and creativity into my life.
6) Learn something new like a language (Italian?)

What goals do you have for 2011?

Vacations….relaxing? Not!

I returned from my Colorado vacation and it seems I need another vacation to recover. Vacations are no longer getting away to relax. Instead vacations are traveling to far away places and cramming as much site-seeing as possible into the limited time available. If you don’t fill your vacation with activity, you feel like you are wasting it, don’t you?

Right now I am so tired my eyelids want to shut, as I sit on the sofa – immobile. I feel the leather of the sofa around my body as I sink further in. My limbs are so heavy it feels like gravity is pulling and drawing me down into the floor. Moving is a major effort. Do I weigh twice my weight right now? It feels like it. Maybe it was returning to sea level after several days at the high altitudes in Colorado, that is impacting my weight. I feel the opposite of weightless like an astronaut is in space, I am weightful.

My muscles are sore and tired, aching from use. The hikes from the vacation seem to have taken their toll – or maybe it was carrying a 40 pound 4-year-old who kept saying, “Carry me”. Now, I am tired and need to rest, but who will carry me…to my bed? I wish to sleep and wake up feeling lighter. I believe becoming lighter is the only way I can move from this comfy leather sofa. Besides, why would I want to move when I have a cup of tea within reach on the table beside me, and a blanket to keep me warm? Maybe if I sleep here the night I can recover – or maybe it will take a week? Is this what everyone feels like after taking two kids on vacation for a week? It seems that next time I should just go away by myself as it is the only way to actually relax and that is what the purpose of a vacation is – isn’t it? Or have we lost site of the purpose of vacations?