City Way

You walk, you stroll, you love, you growIMG_0313
How the city effects you, you never know

Meeting people and making friends
A new adventure around each bend

A place for old and new love too
Seeing couples holding hands, its true

The city of love, a city of passion
Where to next, only you can fashion

Sitting by a fountain, resting on the stairs
With this city I am having an affair

Love some parts, also hate others
Its a city of artists, its a wonder!

So much inspiration in one place 
A new day and adventure, its the way

With inspiration and love in the air
Each moment you will cherish and care

Have a nice trip…ouch!

FeetAs I was picking myself off the floor at San Francisco airport today after a nasty fall, I wondered how I could have walked all over San Francisco this week without a wobble, yet I couldn’t walk through the airport without falling on my face. I decided I would blame it on the over-sized (a.k.a collossal) manuals I was carrying back from the training class I attended. I walked around all week with my San Francisco essentials (laptop, scarf, jacket, coffee ) and there was no falling down. Today the only difference was the extra load in my bag. It is possible that my shoes were to blame, but they are very comfortable Dansko.

Maybe I could blame an earthquake for my fall? Could the earth have moved below my foot causing me to lose my balance? I was thinking back to previous trips to the Bay area and maybe this area just makes me klutzy overall. I remember a trip from several years ago where I was walking along a sidewalk with a friend. We were talking and I must not have been paying attention then I walked right into a sign. Falling on my face, walking into signs, maybe all these are signs that it is time to go home or that this place makes me klutzy! During my walks around San Francisco this week I was reminded that it is one of the few cities in the US where you don’t need (or want) a car. Unless you want to leave the city a car isn’t needed (why would you leave, it has everything you need?).

Being in San Francisco reminded me of my trips this year to Israel and Italy. Being in a city is a completely different experience from the country or the suburbs. I like it. I felt like it is one of the few cities I could actually feel comfortable living in. Besides my falling, this trip was great! I like the cool ocean air, the energetic vibe of the city, and of course an excuse to walk through all of it! I remember as a kid my grandmother always asked, “Does anyone want to go for a walk?”. I always said, “Yes”. I am still saying, “Yes”. Whether it walking in the mountains around Phoenix, the Tuscan hillsides, the beach in Bat Yam, or the hilly streets of San Francisco I am still saying,” Yes, I want to go for a walk.” No fall on my face will keep me from walking, even if it is with a limp and a bruise on my knee. Where do you like to walk?

Kids Fighting in the Car…ARGH!

Why is it that kids have to fight and get loud in the back seat of the car, just when you need it the quietest? I was driving through the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado with a 7-year-old and 4-year-old in the back seat. Although the view was beautiful, what was happening in the back seat of the car, was not. The kids were poking each other and giggling. The giggling was fine, but then water bottles and other objects were being hurled across the back seat until items eventually hit the front windshield and landed on the dashboard.

I realized that firm words and tones were not having the intended effect. All I got was more giggling and more mayhem in the back seat. Finally I pulled the car over to make my point and I screamed in the faces of the kids like a Marine Drill Sargent. I actually think the Drill Sargent would have been less scary and intimidating than I was at that particular moment. Surely I lost my mind for a minute, but don’t most parents have those embarrassing moments where the kids have driven you to complete insanity because they were not listening to a word you said? Then again, I have work colleagues and a spouse that act the same way and I don’t scream at them.

I don’t know exactly what to call what those kids were doing in the back seat. “Backseat Boogie” maybe? It was just annoying, frustrating and pure insanity. At least it drove ME to insanity. The reason it made me so crazy, was because I was driving on the edge of a windy mountain road with little margin for error. I was worried that if I drove a few inches off the road, the car would plummet down the mountain. We would probably take out some elk feeding on the hill as well during our free fall. At least that would have put me out of my misery of having to listen to the little monsters fighting in the back.

Why do I get so angry with the kids? Why can kids make you so angry? Is it anger with yourself because you have created your own hell? Is their behavior your own punishment for your past bad deeds (meaning what you did as a child?). Maybe it is just a stage the kids are in that makes them behave this way. I have to ask – will this stage last until they are 18? Maybe like any relationship there are days you are happy and days you are in not. Since then I have tried to be more relaxed and not get upset with the kids. One thing is for sure, the kids quieted down after my tirade, so I had some impact on their behavior. Something tells me that after enough miles, they will be back at the fighting. They are just kids after all.

Schlotzky's or Cheesecake Factory?

I arrived at my hotel this evening after a day of traveling and meetings and I was starving. For breakfast I had eaten a bowl of yogurt. At the airport I drank a Cafe Mocha and for my lunch (if you can call it that) I ate a granola bar. I was starving and I wanted something to eat quickly. I also didn’t feel like sitting in a restaurant (alone) to eat. I was first thinking Cheesecake Factory (for the obvious desert reasons), but it didn’t quite fit my need to avoid dining alone or the desire for immediate satisfaction.

Another option for dinner was a Schlotzky’s Deli down the street. The sandwiches are yummy and I could get take-out! Best of all, I could sit comfortably in front of the TV in my hotel room while I ate. I can’t believe my desire to sit comfortably in front of the television while I ate was such a significant factor in my decision making process. If I wanted TV while I ate, I should have just gone to a sports bar. If I was a guy, a sports bar would have made a lot of sense. Unfortunately there isn’t a “Lifetime” bar or a “Sex in the City” bar.

I opted for Schlotzky’s and ordered my turkey and guacamole sandwich, jalapeno chips, root beer and chocolate chip cookie. It was all that I thought it could be. Best of all I didn’t have to do the dishes! Who knew that eating out on a business trip could be so satisfying even without going to the Cheesecake Factory.