Scent of a man?

I read an article a while ago that discussed women’s ability to choose a mate via smell. Did anyone else get a whiff of it?

According to the article, women are attracted to men with genes different from their own. How does she determine her level of attraction? Smell. Why is this important? Survival of the fittest. From the perspective of reproduction, different genes are the best, if humans are going to survive. It is hard to believe that the olfactory lobes within my brain are longing to be filled with the scent of a man, but not just any man, the one with genes different from my own. Are the senses really that accurate? I also wonder, will the scent wane over time? Or will I become desensitized to it after a while?

I find it amusing that there is a movie, Scent of a Woman, because for mating, it is more important that the woman catch the scent of a man. Instead of on-line dating sites with 27 levels of compatibility or attending speed dating lunches, all women need is a man’s stinky shirt to sniff. Dating has become so complex, yet it is really as plain as the nose on our face. Actually, controlled by the nose on our face.

I admit that I have experienced this smell that resulted in attraction to a man. The smell can be so overwhelming that it can affect your ability to think. Sounds great doesn’t it? It sounds good until the man is beyond your scent perimeter and you are sitting there craving it. As a woman, haven’t you ever asked a man if he could leave his shirt with you? It had his smell on it and you probably didn’t even realize it.

Maybe the nose, really does know? Whether preventing humans from eating spoiled food or choosing a proper mate, our nose is very powerful and we should use it to its full potential. Not only should you stop and smell the roses,but if you are a woman, you might want to stop and smell a man (or maybe just his shirt?). This is assuming you are looking for a mate, then again, you might just be in it for the smell. Breath in and enjoy.

Toxic Aroma

The whole family was sitting together on the sofa looking at some old photos and movies clips of the kids when they were babies. Daddy (Chris) kept asking,”What is that smell?”, and, “Who farted?”. Apparently the odor that was passing by his nose was not good. Not good at all! I was on the other end of the sofa, so I couldn’t smell a thing. (I actually thought he was imagining things.) Finally Chris realized the origin of the odor, our 4-year-old daughter’s feet. “It is her feet!”, he exclaimed. It seemed that this stench was so terrible that it couldn’t even come from a men’s locker room, never mind our dainty daughter’s feet.

Unfortunately, I am the guilty party here regarding the smelly feet. It isn’t because I let Paige wear shoes without socks today, but instead because I have passed on to her the ‘stinky-feet’ gene. For years this gene has been a real problem for me. So many times I have found myself scrubbing my feet with anti-bacterial soap in an attempt to wash away the smell. If you can call it a smell. A smell can sound nice, like roses ‘smell’. “What a beautiful smell!”, someone might say as they walk by an aromatic rose-bush. What I ‘sensed’ through my nose now, was anything but beautiful.

Realizing that Chris is suffering from the odor of Paige’s feet caused by my faulty gene, I take Paige into the bathroom and scrub her feet clean. How sad is it that Paige already knows the routine for ‘cleaning her feet’? An overall bath, sure, but how many kids run a bath for their stinky feet?

I return to sit on the sofa with Paige and her feet (that now smell like flowers) and suddenly I am overcome (actually my nose is overcome) with another vile odor. It isn’t my feet (I don’t think?). Then I notice my son Tucker and his feet that are actually covered in socks. Too bad the socks didn’t cover the odor like they did with his feet. Now the harsh reality hits me that he also has the ‘stinky-feet’ gene. Chris promptly instructs Tucker to enter the bathroom for his feet fumigation. Tucker removes his socks and Chris says, “Your feet have a toxic aroma. Let’s take care of that.”

I never heard anyone say ‘toxic’ and ‘aroma’ in the same sentence. Aroma is what you experience when you enter someone’s house after they baked cookies or burned a vanilla candle. It is too bad the ‘aroma’ of my children’s feet wasn’t more like the baked cookies, but you just have to deal with the genes you are given. I am just thankful that I live in a time and place where water and soap are plentiful (along with scented bubble bath) and I don’t always have to suffer from breathing air with a toxic aroma.