Insane Outfits Continue Into Kindergarten

As my 4-year-old entered kindergarten this week, I thought that she might start choosing more sensible outfits. I somehow managed to get her to wear a ‘matching’ outfit on the first day, but that was only because her sparkly silver shoes matched her equally sparkly silver dress. Did I mention that she wore the dress and shoes around the house the whole weekend before the first day of school?

My win for the first day ‘matching’ outfit was not a change, it was merely a blip in the crazy land of clothes she calls ‘outfits’. Today she put on a pink dress. Actually, it used to be a dress, but it shrunk and she grew, so now it is a shirt. She added a skirt underneath the shirt and pink leggings with lace on the bottom. To cap off the ensemble she paired green and yellow, tinker bell socks with her silvery sparkly shoes. I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture. Maybe it was because I didn’t really want to remember it. At least picking her up after school is easy since she sticks out in the crowd.

In contrast, her older brother is wearing last year’s T-shirts that are slightly faded but have not yet sprouted holes. I am very happy that I have one girl and one boy when it comes to clothes because:
1) I couldn’t handle 2 girls fighting over the silvery sparkly shoes
2) I have the opportunity to see the real differences between boys and girls when it comes to clothes (I also see why men in general have a difficult time dressing themselves.)
3) I get to grin or giggle every morning as I see my daughter emerge from her room before heading to school

These Shoes are for Working

Now that I am unemployed from my ‘work from home job’, I had reason to leave the house to meet a friend for coffee. I erroneously chose to wear shoes instead of ‘work from home’ flip flops. My feet were not prepared for real shoes since my delicate feet are accustomed to open and airy flip-flips. I am a bit worried should I need to take a job in an office where wearing real shoes is required. I am confident my feet can adjust, but I feel bad that I will need to put them through such torture.

Today I felt like the kid on the monkey bars for the first time who hasn’t had time to build up callous on his hands.
For me my pain (and blisters) were on the bottom of me feet. It isn’t that I don’t like shoes. I have many pairs. It is just that they haven’t seen daylight for years. Many shoes have never seen Arizona daylight, and have calmly waited for escape from the closet since the move from Oregon three years ago. As soon as I moved to Arizona, I started wearing sandals and flip-flops and I haven’t looked back (at the shoes) since. Are flip-flops a habit or a necessity? My feet sweat too much in regular shoes here, it is embarrassing. Especially if your nose gets too close to my feet. For me flip-flops are a necessity.

I know, I know, in the name of fashion I need to wear too tight, too high, shoes that make my feet uncomfortable and sweaty. The thing is that on most days I never leave the sofa (I mean office), so who cares what shoes I am wearing? If I do venture out to Starbuck’s, the grocery store or the daily drop-off/pick-up of the kids – my foot attire doesn’t really matter. Does it? Should I be worried about what people are saying about my shoes? What do my shoes say about me anyway? Will people not like me because of my shoes?

For today anyway, my black backless leather mules who got to stroll down Arizona Avenue said, “Wow, it is nice to be outside the closet!”. However, the shoes seemed to be ungrateful and punished me with blisters. The mules are back in the closet recovering from their outing, as my feet recover from the pain they inflicted. This afternoon I am back in my flip-flops who are always grateful and never give me blisters. For now anyway, my feet are getting a reprieve from the torture of working in an office every day. Funny how I am more worried about my feet getting through a day in the office than I am about myself. I definitely think my soul and my mind are stronger than my feet, at least until they can build up enough callous for real shoes.

The perfect shoes?

My 4-year-old daughter Paige spent 15 minutes this morning counting her shoes and figuring out which one was the ‘right pair’.  Why is it that she has to spend more time choosing shoes to wear than I do? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I work from home, so no one really sees me all day. Why put on fancy shoes? Flip flops will surely do. Won’t they? I guess if I have to leave the house I might put on a clog, a sneaker or a boot.  

What concerns me more than just her shoe fetish is Paige’s interest in clothes…dresses, jackets, and…jewelry? Yesterday as she was getting ready for school I asked her to put on her pants, but Paige informed me, “They are not pants mommy, they are leggings!”. Good grief, I was wearing leggings more than 20 years ago and I know what they are, however in my mind they are still pants! They cover your legs don’t they? I realized she is much more particular about her clothes than I am, even if she wears stripes and prints together.

Don’t get me started on the layering!  We live in Arizona, so why does she need so many layers? She puts on a long sleeve shirt, then she puts on a short sleeve dress over it. After that her precious leggings before she puts on a skort (you know, the skirt with the shorts included). The dress covers the skort, so I don’t know why she needs it but she definitely ‘needs it’ because she fights me if I say she doesn’t. Time to go to school now, so she must choose an appropriate jacket.”No not that one!, the Hello Kitty one!” she yells. As usual the Hello Kitty sweatshirt is stuck in the laundry so she has to settle for something else that doesn’t match either. Yes, although she is picky about the clothes, it is not clear she can see color very well. 

Paige loves color and not just pink and purple. Pick out the wildest patterned shirt and pants, then put them together. Isn’t that what everyone does?  The wild mixes are Paige’s ‘normal’ outfit and style. Every day I take her to school the teachers look at her and say, “Paige, what a ‘pretty’ outfit.” Outfit? If you didn’t know better, you would have sworn she was homeless based on her unmatched ensembles.

Well, at least she made it to school fully clothed and will certainly receive comments about her ‘outfit’ from the other moms as they drop off their kids. I like to think that if nothing else, Paige helps to provide a daily comic relief and something to look forward to. What will she wear today? Fortunately for today, she is already dressed. Tomorrow will be yet another opportunity for the creation of another bizarre outfit.