A Wedding Poem

What is a wedding but a union of two.
A day for commitment, our love is true.

Together we come on this special day.
Like everything else, we do it our way.

From rough beginnings those early days.
Our passion ran strong like fire ablaze.

Our hearts filled with love, each day it grew.
Now we navigate life like true partners do.

Today we stand here as true soulmates.
Finding your other half is truly great.

Anyone who meets us can clearly see.
Eran, Stacey, Tucker and Paige are a family!

A day of new beginnings, the next chapter of life.
We will leave here married – husband and wife.

Love is Plenty

Eran and Stacey Aug 2013What is today? It is our wedding day. Today is the day of a new beginning. Or is it? It feels like the new beginning occurred when my boyfriend and I got back together after a lengthy breakup. From that point on we were committed. It took a lot of adjusting to get where we are now – happy.

On that first date I knew. I felt something and it hasn’t stopped. I doubted it. I ran away from it. I even threw it on the floor and stomped on it. It was always there in my face. Undeniable love.

From the first date to today I can see that it has changed. It has become more calm, strong and reliable instead of a cursed roller coaster. Maturity perhaps. Faith maybe. Like a fine wine, aged. Definitely better.

As we seal our love with marriage today I am not nervous, stressed, or worried. We have built a house of brick, not straw and today we move in. We cross the threshold to a new phase in our relationship. New beginnings, new memories and more love to grow. This is the time of plenty.