A Trip to the Mall ‘Rings’ True

My boyfriend and I planned a fun overnight trip to Sedona. On Saturday morning as we were preparing to leave when he mentioned that he needed to go to the mall first. I thought it was a bit strange. A guys wants to go to the mall? Then again, with him you just never know. Maybe he wanted to buy me a new dress? or some shoes?  I was game, wouldn’t you be? As I was driving to the mall I asked what store he planned to take me to. He responded, “Godiva Chocolate”. It was about 105 degrees outside so of course I began to worry that any chocolate we bought may not last the 10 minute drive to the house, never mind the 90 minute drive to Sedona. Then again we could just eat all the chocolate before we left the mall. I am sure that wouldn’t be so difficult for either of us. Would it be hard for you?

We entered the Godiva store and he bought a box of chocolate covered strawberries and a box of 8 chocolates. I felt fat accumulating on my thighs just looking at the box. For a moment I wondered who else was going on this trip to Sedona because surely all this chocolate could not be for us. Why do they have to make the chocolate look so good? Sometimes I feel bad eating such beautiful food, but not so bad that I wouldn’t eat it. I mean it is chocolate.

As we leave the Godiva store $100 lighter and carrying a bag full of chocolate I wonder where this shopping spree is going next. Macy’s? Nordstrom? We begin wandering and he doesn’t give me a clue where we are going. Suddenly as we stand in front of a jewelry store he turns me around to look at him and asks,”Will you marry me?”. My eyes well up as I blurt out ,”Yes”.  Then he ushers me into the jewelry store, “We can get our rings right now!”, he says. I am brushing tears from my eyes as I look at all the shiny rings.

I had a clue that he was planning something special for the weekend (he was action weird) but I didn’t know what. I was expecting a souvenir T-shirt from Sedona or a new dress, not a wedding ring and a fiancée!  We picked out our rings and walked out of the store with a small bag of rings and many dollars lighter. We decided to begin wearing our wedding rings right away. We bought them, we might as well wear them? Were we making a wrong statement by looking married when we didn’t have the paper to back it up? After my daughter asked saw the ring on his finger and asked, “Did you marry mommy?”, we knew that the rings definitely were noticed AND sending a message. We were not technically married according to the law, but we definitely were feeling married. In reality we felt married for a long time. It seemed like dotting your ‘i’ or crossing your ‘t’ in an English essay. Details do matter, but in some cases don’t make the story any different.

Life is a Smile

IMG_0462Today is the first day of August. Where did summer go? Where did the last year go? I always feel like life is crazy and is constantly providing new challenges. I don’t know how I would deal with boredom in life. You get out of life what you put into it, don’t you? Work hard and you will be rewarded with a raise or a promotion. Love strong and you will be loved back strong. Be a thoughtful and caring person and people will reciprocate. It is like Newton’s Third Law of motion, For each action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

You can choose to go through life with a smile on your face and a spring in your step or you can choose another path. Honestly, I have no idea what that other path is. No matter what challenge I have faced in life, I have managed to put on a smile and get through it. Is this positive perspective of life contagious? Or do some people find it intimidating? Maybe I mistake intimidation for jealousy? Do people wonder, ‘How can she be so happy all the time?’. Even my daughter who has been missing her front teeth for nearly a year can produce a smile!

When I was about 7 or 8 years old I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. They always found a way to have a good time. I remember them as being silly. It wasn’t until years later when I was called Silly Stacey that I understood that silliness was genetic. Through good times and bad (like the marriage vow), we need to commit to stay positive in our outlook on life. We need to find the funny bone instead of the sourpuss. If we approach life with humor, won’t it give us humor back? At least it has worked for me so far. What humor have you found in life today?

Fun-day Monday

photo (8)
Having the day off today was nice. The weekend was busy, but a nice kind of busy. I was able to escape from work more this weekend than I have in the last few months. I enjoyed getting time to totally focus on something besides work. A regular 2-day weekend just doesn’t seem like enough time off. A 3-day weekend is just slightly better. What I really needed was a full 2 weeks, but that is not always feasible.

The extra time this weekend allowed me to clear my mind to establish new norms in my thinking. Sometimes ‘getting away from it all’ is less about physically getting away and more about mentally getting away. Trying something new or unusual brings your mind to a place where it can focus. This weekend’s escapes included a hike at McDowell Mountain Park, a birthday party at the Phoenix Zoo, and lunch on the patio at Chelsea’s Kitchen. What I realized today, is that there is always more work for us to focus on, but not always more time to enjoy family. Maybe it is time to put focus and emphasis on things that do not always include work?

What did you do this weekend for your mental escape? Did you get to spend the time with your family?