Novel Ideas

Recover Me: A Novel
Phoebe has spent her entire life trusting men when she shouldn’t and getting herself into awkward predicaments. One morning as she awakens in her bed, she sees something. A vision. What she sees and feels is frightening and real, yet incomplete. She struggles to discover the truth of her past and her difficulty with men as she pursues her quest for a safe man. Can she unlock the key to her vision? Can she find a Knight in Shining Armor to slay the fear caused by her vision and potentially her past?

Clocks and Olives
During the month of November 2010 I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO) and completed 50,000 words on this novel…

Audrey’s life changes when her grandmother passes away and then leaves her with a jewelry box. Where did these items come from and what do they mean? Will the items in the box bring luck and fortune or pain and suffering? Audrey attempts to discover the truth, but can she find the truth with the little information she has? And what is the connection between the founder of an olive company have to do with her grandmother?

30 Days to Clarity
During the month of November 2011 I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO) and completed 50,000 words of a novel….

Not so much a novel, but a catharsis. Clearing the mind of thoughts and feelings over 30 days after a breakup. How do you feel each day during your recovery during a breakup. Are you relieved, scared, sad? Sometimes you are all sorts of emotions that you cannot even explain. Then there is how you feel about yourself. How do you look at yourself and your value? What will you do next? How do you plan for your future? In the end, you cannot plan how your recovery will go, even with a well thought out plan of 30 days to recover, you may not recover at all.

Finding my way to Life
My 2012 NANOWRIMO book is a look at life before life. How are souls born and where do they come from? A view of the worlds of a mother and baby before their souls come together. I am definitely exploring (or defining) the paranormal in this novel.


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