Are you having twins?

It is official, my enlarged and rapidly growing pregnant belly announces that I am pregnant. Unfortunately when I tell people my due date, the next question is, “Are you having twins?”. You would think I would be used to this sort of comment from my first pregnancy when I received the same exact questions. My body style just does’t hide a growing baby very well. It never has and it never will.

I suppose I should take these comments as compliments because at least they don’t think I am fat, they KNOW I am pregnant. They also assume there is a rational explanation for what appears to be a watermelon hiding under my shirt. Even my doctor commented on the baby utilizing every inch of my torso from my ribs to my hips for his own expansion.

I still have a lot of weeks to go in this pregnancy which I plan to take in stride. Today I contemplated joking with strangers when they comment on my pregnancy by telling them I am not pregnant and that I am just smuggling watermelons.  Although last time I checked, watermelons don’t kick like this baby who punches me after ever bit of spicy food, chocolate, or ice cream.  They say that every pregnancy is different, yet so much seems that same.


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