Natural Chic

Am I the only one who is wasting time on Polyvore? I decided to create this cute outfit, but am still not satisfied with it. I really like the look, but the necklace alone is more than the rest of the outfit! I like the idea of putting together clothing sets but a lot of clothes and accessories are completely out of my price range. I am not looking for Dollar Store cheap, just Target or Old Navy cheap. Even Macy’s is sounding cheap.

I understand the concept of this site – they want you to put together an outfit and then BUY it. I wish I could buy this stone necklace, but I probably won’t. I don’t even look good in yellow. So the experiments are fun, especially when you come up with a look and then start reworking it to meet your budgetary constraints. Today it was the $600+ necklace, tomorrow it will be shoes for $900 that I just can’t swing. Fortunately the internet has not shortage of options. I am going to continue my search for a cheaper necklace. It know it is out there somewhere.

Back to Nature with Style

Jane Norman neon dress
$61 –

Chambray jacket


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