Sweating Buying a Sweater

More than a year ago I cleaned out my closet and discovered that I desperately needed a white cardigan sweater to wear over all the sleeveless dresses I own. Sleeveless is great in summer (except when you are sitting inside with an air conditioner blowing 50 degree air on you!). Also, I wanted to expand my wardrobe beyond summer. I wanted more bang for my clothing buck, but for some reason I didn’t find any bucks to spend on a simple sweater. Or was it the sweater I couldn’t find?

Over the last year I purchased 2 gray sweaters and 2 black sweaters, but never bought a white one. Was I fearful of the spaghetti sauce, pen, crayon and smoothie stains that would appear on a new white sweater? The answer is yes. For some reason when I wear white it is a magnet for food that results in stubborn stains. Foods like chocolate and wine are just drawn to my white clothes . (Not that I ever consume either of those foods.)

About a week ago I was flipping through the Prana catalog and stumbled upon this cute white sweater. Since all the other Prana clothes I have purchased I have loved, I decided it was time to buy my white sweater. My Prana clothes typically spend more time out of the closet than in it (hiking, around the house, and trips to Italy) so I figured it was a low risk purchase. 

Now that I have placed my order, I am very excited to receive and wear my new sweater. I am still a bit nervous about the white color, but I feel confident that my fear can be overcome by Oxiclean or Fels Napthia. My summer dresses will emerge from the closet early this spring! I am counting down the minutes to my shipment arrival and still wondering why I was sweating buying a white sweater!

What clothing or accessory have you put off buying when you know you really need it?


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