Resolution or Returning to Normal

Tonight was the first time I had been to yoga class in about 2 weeks. The holidays definitely disrupted my exercise schedule. Before the break, I kept thinking about the 2 weeks I would have off from work without considering I would have a different type of work to do. There was extra cooking, cleaning, entertaining, buying presents, wrapping presents, and of course putting all the Christmas stuff away after the holiday.

During the holiday break, instead of exercising or traveling more, I found myself exhausted from all the extra tasks I had to do. This week the kids are back at school and work is ramping back up to a normal pace. Suddenly now I can finally get in that workout or even have time to write a blog! I finally feel like life is returning to normal.

Most people make resolutions each year to change their bad habits from the previous year – smoking, eating, watching too much television, or drinking too many soft drinks. As I look at the past year I feel pretty good about my accomplishments – hiking, running, yoga classes, learning Italian, and traveling to Italy by myself.

Instead of resolutions I just want to get back on track. I want to return to the old (yet positive) routines of last year. I expect I will just be hitting my stride by mid-February, while everyone else abandons their resolutions. Sure there is always room for improvement and new goals for the upcoming year, but resolutions are not actions. Why not keep the momentum of good habits from the previous year and just make some adjustments? What good habits are you continuing from 2012?


One thought on “Resolution or Returning to Normal

  1. I am not continuing my old ones but I have decided to stay closer in touch with friends and family. Life is too short to let that go by.

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