Clover is all over!

All spring I have been fighting weeds in my yard and in Arizona spring starts early (January?!?). Just when I think I have the weeds under control, they pop up somewhere else. Now I suddenly noticed something strange about my lawn. It isn’t actually grass any more, it is clover!

The clover is all over and I am now wondering how to get rid of it. The sad part is that the clover doesn’t seem so bad. It seems to have created a lush carpet-like surface in the middle of the lawn. Dare I say I actually like the invading clover? I am sure this is blasphemy for those who pride themselves on a weed-free, lush, green lawn.

As much as I like the clover, I doubt that it can survive the 115 degree heat of summer here in Arizona. So my clover enjoyment is fleeting. Should I kill the clover with some herbicide weed killer? I almost don’t have the heart. Can’t I just let the blazing summer heat do the job for me? Should I let nature take its course? It may come July and I will have a large brown patch of dirt where the clover once was. Either way, I am confident the clover will disappear.

Funny how sometimes things that we don’t like (clover on the lawn) we can actually grow to enjoy and we hate to see them go. The invader becomes loved. The annoyance grows on us, literally.

I will be happy to have all the other types of weeds disappear over the next few weeks as the weather heats up, but I will definitely miss the clover. Maybe it will return next spring because as much as it annoys me, I love it.


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