Easter Hike: A New Perspective

View from on top of the worldI sit atop a high point on the National Trail above Telegraph Pass. Here I feel I am on top of the world. Strange how a little exercise and elevation gain can change your view. From up here it seems that I can only see opportunity and the possibilities of life.

Here in the middle of what looks like nowhere, orange flowers can bloom on an ocotillo cactus. Can I too flourish in the desert? Can I flourish where sometimes it seems there is endless nothing?

What you think is endless nothing, may actually be hiding the beauty of the desert. The birds, the cacti, the unusual fragments of rock shattered over time are here. In a place like this, time takes its toll, but ever so slowly. The gentle breeze at my back keeps small bugs from bothering me. A fly or a gnat is kept down by the wind. Yet, to me, the wind is my friend. Time is also my friend. Time to grow, to heal, to love and to look at life the way I look at the desert at this very moment. A chance. An opportunity.


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