Poop in my Path

I dedicate this blog entry to my son Tucker because of his love of poop….

I was running on the sidewalk path around the green space near my home, when I saw it. Something small and dark was located directly on the path in front of me. It looked like dog poop that someone had stepped in. As ran by, careful to avoiding stepping in it, I convinced myself that it must be mud and not poop. That was it, just a bit of dirt on the sidewalk nothing to worry about. It seemed a reasonable explanation. I continued running down the path, sure that nothing else would get in my way.

Just when I had myself convinced it was mud, I saw another thing on the path. There was no mistaking it this time, it was definitely dog poop. It appeared to be from a small dog because I didn’t have to run like a hurdler to avoid it, but still, it was dog poop nonetheless. I had to ask myself, how could a dog owner leave a pile of poop like that in the middle of the path? There couldn’t be anything easier to pick up and put it where it belongs – in the trash can.

I certainly understand why some people are squeamish about picking up dog poop, but doesn’t it make sense that someone who owns a dog should not fear the scooping of poop? As a parent of two kids I was expected to change diapers which involves poop. And a lot of it. Some of which I was sure were deposited from an alien and not my cute little baby. With the idea of revenge I wondered if it would be suitable for me to place in the middle of the walking path a dirty diaper filled with poop for a small dog to walk through? It seemed preposterous, although fair. I mean some of these dog owners are putting me in harm’s way, leaving dog poop there for me to step in, so why shouldn’t I do the same in return.

Maybe I sound like I am not compassionate. Maybe you think I am making a mountain out of a mole-hill-sized dog poop? I used to have 2 medium size dogs (that generated Rocky Mountain-sized poop) and I had to pick it up and dispose of it. I didn’t like it, but it came with owning the dog. Why can’t other dog owners take the same responsibility? I realize my idea of dropping babies diapers in the middle of a walking path is ridiculous (my kids are too big for diapers). I have to ask myself where does the poop dropping end? First little dog poops, then big dog poops, then baby poops and then people dropping there pants on the sidewalk to leave a passing gift for everyone who dares venture by.

To all those responsible dog owners out there I applaud you. Responsibility in our society seems to have hit an all-time low – whether it is mortgage payments or dog poop, people need to clean up their own messes (in this case their dog’s) whether the mess is big or small. Because even a lot of small poops can create a big pile of SH*$*%$. I am tired of cleaning up other people’s messes or potentially stepping in. All I want a little peace and quiet during my run along the green space which seems to be getting browner by the second.


2 thoughts on “Poop in my Path

  1. If only you knew who owned the dog, you could put in on a shovel and deposit it in their driveway. That’s what we we did. After several confrontations with the neighbor to no avail it was our last resort.

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