Eat This

Man has survived for thousands of years on a variety of food that depended on location, climate and how hard they were willing to work for the food. Did they forage, farm or hunt? Could their tribe or community kill a whale or elephant to feed the whole village? Think about how Native American Indians lived off the land, sometimes killing buffalo or catching fish, while other times picking berries. In the past, man had to eat to survive, but it seems today instead of just surviving, man is thriving. Maybe thriving too much, if obesity is a measure.

Could the food that has allowed humans to survive, actually be killing us? With our bountiful food choices, we can choose to help ourselves or kill ourselves. Heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases occur, but is it caused by exposure to chemicals, bad genes, or something more sinister – food. How is food and the way we eat impacting our health? We have indigestion and doctors prescribe a variety of purple and other colored pills to ease our pain, yet our problems may be rooted in the food we put in our bodies every day.

Every week news stories expose more foods that are good for us, yet 6 months later the same food (according to the news agency) is no longer good. Wine is good, oh, no it isn’t. Well, some is good. Women, they shouldn’t drink wine, well, not too much anyway. How are we supposed to decide on what to eat when no one really knows what is best? How do we shop at the grocery store and make intelligent food choices? I want to eat nutrients but which ones? How do I get the nutrients? Is my only option is to listen to my body and let it decide what food is best for me? Seems as good as any other method for choosing food. Isn’t each person an individual and don’t they have different nutritional needs? Instead of mocking someone for being a vegan or a meat-eater, shouldn’t we embrace the fact that we are listening to our bodies to optimize nutrition and our body’s performance?

Recently I chose to go gluten and dairy-free (because that diet makes me feel better) and I am fortunate to have so many food options. I know I should eat something healthy, but I wonder if a gluten-free, dairy-free cookie counts? No one can be perfect in food selection and health, so it is time we made food decisions for ourselves instead of leaving it to scientists, reporters or peers to dictate what is ‘good’ for us. Thousands of years of human survival cannot be all wrong. What do you want to eat?


2 thoughts on “Eat This

  1. According to advocates of the Paleo Diet (or Caveman Diet), our bodies have been the same for 200,000 years. We have had agriculture for only 10,000 years. Our dietary problems come about because we are forcing a diet on our body other than what it was designed for. We should be eating a hunter-gatherer type diet.
    That means lean meat, fish, fruits and nuts. No grains, no dairy (past mothers milk), no sugar, no cultivated vegetables, and of course none of the attendant chemicals and additives. Those few groups of hunter-gatherers still in existence in modern times were lean and strong, and had none of the health problems we are burdened with until introduced to our modern diet.

  2. I like Hal’s note. Does that mean i don’t have to eat vegitables anymore? what is a “cultivated” vegitable? if i grow it in my back yard is it still cultivated? my actual dream is to have my own “mini” farm that could sustain my family (and small extended family) without the need for grocery stores and fast food. unfortunately i would have to win the lottery to be able to afford the land 😦
    and i’m not sure if i could live without cookies! lol

    on another note, can i give you a challenge stacey?

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