The power of the pen or the keyboard?

Lately I noticed that I really enjoy writing with a pen on paper more than I like writing on a computer. Is that antiquated? It made me wonder if there is something physically different about the writing process with the pen that makes it more fun to perform than typing. The words literally flow from the ink in my pen to the paper whereas on the computer, I have to ‘tick-tick-tick’ the words. It feels like a completely different experience, although both require the writing of words.

I know writing to paper requires ‘rewriting’ into the computer later (assuming I want to share it), but sometimes the stuff I write to paper isn’t really worth sharing. Occasionally I go back and read some of the junk I have written, but most of the time it is more important to just get it out of my mind. This is because I do cathartic writing before I start the real writing, and that is the stuff that ends up in the notebooks that should ultimately be burned. Sometimes there are words that haunt you forever, and I would like those to just go up in flames. What about the good words? How do I effectively write them and get them into a computer at the same time?

I am not sure why, but I miss the paper and pen writing when I don’t do it. Besides, it seems like it is only about one day every decade that I write something very profound necessitating sharing. Since burning the computer isn’t an option (and it is a requirement), I will still continue to use some number of paper notebooks for my junk writing. Recyclers forgive me when I burn my notebooks, just remember that it is for a good cause – my sanity. I guess I need to continue using both mediums (paper/pen and laptop) of I am to be truly efficient. If this is what made it to the computer, you can only imagine what is in my paper notebook (a.k.a. kindling).


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