Slutty Barbie Dolls?

A few weeks ago I was walking around the toy section of Target looking to purchase a child’s birthday gift and I noticed something strange about the Barbie dolls. Why were they dressed so slutty? The shorts and skirts were really short and they looked like they just stepped out of a nightclub, which made me wonder, would I really want these dolls walking into my daughters bedroom to play with her other toys?

In general I don’t have a problem with Barbie dolls, even if the shape of the dolls is anything but realistic. Last year I bought some clothes for the Barbie’s my 4-year-old already had, and I thought the clothes were cute. This year when I look at the dolls (or the clothes) I just can’t get the sluttiness out of my mind. I don’t know about you, but my daycare center teacher, dog-walker, and pediatrician just don’t dress like that. If the doll bent over, you would be lucky to see a thong – because frankly, I am not expecting that these dolls wear anything under their clothes if the top layer is any indication.

I was trying to buy a gift for a little girl turning 5, and the Barbie quickly fell to the bottom of the list of options. I found some cute little Disney dolls (Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty) that have clothes that actually cover something (a.k.a ball gowns). As a working mother I certainly don’t like the idea of a girl (or woman) waiting around for Prince Charming to save her, however, at least these dolls were wearing clothes that covered essential body parts, which is a far cry from the Barbies. Because my daughter already owns so many Barbies, I can only hope that Mattel gets the message (when their dolls aren’t selling) that maybe they need create some more appropriate clothes (for 3 to 7-year-olds?). For now, my daughter’s Barbies are dressed in last years ‘rags’ and are hoping for a new fashion trend this fall. If not, then they may find themselves wearing princess dresses borrowed from Snow White or handmade clothes made from paper bags.


One thought on “Slutty Barbie Dolls?

  1. aww, come on, if you had that 36-25-34 body, or whatever it is, you would want to show it off too! ha ha just kidding, of course….I mean I encourage slutty attire no matter what the body type 😉

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