The Fetish Parade…my eyes!

I was out to dinner with a group of friends and ended up with a front row seat to what I can only describe as the ‘Fetish Parade’. Less than a block away from the restaurant where we were having dinner was a huge event called the ‘Fetish Ball’. The waiter at the restaurant clued in our group because we were seated right next to the window and the ‘Fetish Ball’ attenders were walking by every few minutes. Not everyone heeded the warning and some were left wanting to poke their eyes out.

We saw the most unusual and risqué outfits you could imagine as the evening wore on. I say ‘wore on’ although a lot of people were not wearing much. Fishnet just doesn’t cover much when you aren’t wearing anything underneath it. I am not exactly sure what ‘fetish’ really means in regards to this ball, but I think it means ‘wear whatever you want’. There was plenty of black, fishnet, complete lack of undergarments, bustiers (on men or women), and men in kilts? I have no idea why the kilts, I was afraid to ask.

One of the scariest parts of the evening was when the best looking woman walked by, except that it turned out to be a man in drag. Most of the other women coming out for this event should have kept covered up. Some women would have benefited from larger outfits or maybe a thong would have been an improvement over…well, nothing? Maybe instead of ‘Fetish Ball’ it should have been called ‘Fright Ball’. After several hours of the Fetish parade I can say I was frightened. Although at least with all the oddly dressed people around, I didn’t have to worry about how I was dressed.

This was definitely the most unusual ‘dinner and a show’ that I had ever experienced, even if the show we saw was completely inadvertent. I have to admit it was difficult to take my eyes off of the ‘outfits’ during the parade. For now I think I have seen enough of the ‘Fetish Parade’ for a full year. Hopefully it will be at least that long until the next one, because my eyes are full!


2 thoughts on “The Fetish Parade…my eyes!

  1. Wow, when did you move to San Francisco? (I ask, cuz I didn’t think that kind of craziness was allowed in the good state of Arizona…)

  2. Wow, you are shocked, aren’t you? The people you saw are just folk having fun. They like to dress up, dance, play and be good to each other. It’s all just people being individuals, and nothing to be frightened of. They don’t bite, are usually very friendly and respectful of others’ personal space and needs. Next time, why not say hi and let them know you accept humans in all their diversity? These people aren’t crazy, just honest about who they are. You may have seen bankers, plumbers, engineers, climbers, teachers or just about anyone from any walk of life, simply dressed to have fun in a way that’s different. It’s all much cooler than you imagine. 🙂

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