Insane Outfits Continue Into Kindergarten

As my 4-year-old entered kindergarten this week, I thought that she might start choosing more sensible outfits. I somehow managed to get her to wear a ‘matching’ outfit on the first day, but that was only because her sparkly silver shoes matched her equally sparkly silver dress. Did I mention that she wore the dress and shoes around the house the whole weekend before the first day of school?

My win for the first day ‘matching’ outfit was not a change, it was merely a blip in the crazy land of clothes she calls ‘outfits’. Today she put on a pink dress. Actually, it used to be a dress, but it shrunk and she grew, so now it is a shirt. She added a skirt underneath the shirt and pink leggings with lace on the bottom. To cap off the ensemble she paired green and yellow, tinker bell socks with her silvery sparkly shoes. I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture. Maybe it was because I didn’t really want to remember it. At least picking her up after school is easy since she sticks out in the crowd.

In contrast, her older brother is wearing last year’s T-shirts that are slightly faded but have not yet sprouted holes. I am very happy that I have one girl and one boy when it comes to clothes because:
1) I couldn’t handle 2 girls fighting over the silvery sparkly shoes
2) I have the opportunity to see the real differences between boys and girls when it comes to clothes (I also see why men in general have a difficult time dressing themselves.)
3) I get to grin or giggle every morning as I see my daughter emerge from her room before heading to school


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