Spa-tacular, Until You Need to Pay

For Christmas I received a wonderful spa package from my husband for a well-known spa in the area called Dolce. With ample free time because of unemployment, I decided to put the spa package to work to relax before really delving into the stressful job hunting process. I called earlier this week and scheduled a facial and a combination massage using some specials they were running. Even with both ‘treatments’ I was going to have plenty left over to return for another ‘treatment’ in the future – maybe a foot massage and pedicure? It felt like it was too good to be true.

Upon arrival at the spa, I was promptly given a comfy spa robe and asked to sit in the ‘relaxation room’. In any other business it would be called the waiting room, but this was a fancy spa! They had a waterfall wall and cushioned sofas, so what more could I want? I think my last massage was at least 6 years ago. Things have changed a lot because now they use a heated table as well as hot and cold stones for massage. I was so relaxed I honestly didn’t care if they used stones or cactus because I was so zoned out, I couldn’t feel anything anyway.

I finish up my massage and was returned to the ‘relaxation room’ to wait for my next treatment. At the beginning of my facial, they asked me if I wanted ‘microderm abrasion’ for an additional cost. What the heck? This whole thing is free anyway because of the money left on my spa package! I had the extra treatment which entailed removing a layer of skin (you think I am joking, I am not!). As part of the facial they did something called ‘extraction’. I don’t know exactly what it was other than it hurt like heck. I have to say the results were worth it though, because my skin hasn’t been this soft since my birthday – as in the day I was born!

After my treatments I was wondering to myself, “Why don’t I do this more often?”. I am definitely not a ‘girly-girl’ who gets regular manicures, pedicures, facials, or massages, but I was thinking maybe I would like to be that girl. In my completely relaxed and dazed state, I approached the counter to ‘check-out’. Checkout Girl promptly pushed two lists of products in my face. Did I mentioned the lists did not contain any prices? Instinctively I thought I didn’t need anything, but in my confused state of mind I pointed to one item on the list. Surely the one item wouldn’t put me over my pre-paid package? I was getting caught up on the idea of my ‘free’ stuff, but why not?

Then the Counter Girl said, “That will be three-hundred and fifty…blah blah blah.”. I don’t think she said blah blah blah, but I don’t remember anything she said after that. Was that above and beyond my ‘spa package’? Had I made a fatal error in asking for add-on services and buying one bottle of cream? Was I about to spend my monthly grocery money on this 2 hour spa outing? Finally I collected my thoughts enough to say, “How much is this?”, pointing at the miniscule jar of face cream. “That is 80 dollars”, Counter Girl stated flatly. I immediately handed back the jar. At least this might give me hope of walking out of here without the feeling of having had my right arm cut off. Then I recalled the special pricing, “I was supposed to get the Summer Menu pricing?” I mentioned. Counter Girl replied, “Oh, well you have to ask for that”. Had I made a fatal faux pas in not mentioning this earlier? I wondered if I had to specifically ask to leave with my wallet and my soul, because it was becoming obvious they were taking nothing for granted here. Realizing that she was trying to manipulate me and was not going to give me anything I didn’t ask for, I said, “I would like to put that on my gift card”. Counter Girl said, “That leaves you with $100 on your card.” Hmmm…that was a far cry from the $350 she wanted me to pay with my credit card earlier.

Fortunately, I walked out of Dolce with my wallet, my soul, and some services remaining, but my post services bliss was definitely turned sour by the Counter Girl. I was saddened that the 2 hours of fabulous treatments were ruined by 2 minutes of poor customer service at checkout. I was actually thinking I might go back there on a regular basis, but I think I can find a place with better customer service if truth be told.


One thought on “Spa-tacular, Until You Need to Pay

  1. Did you let management at the spa know? You could print out this very blog entry and just mail it to them and let them know it’s not too late to amend the entry….

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