Rotten Bananas = Great Smoothie!

In my quest to save money on groceries and not waste food, I have found the perfect use for the rotten banana. To be more accurate, 2 rotten bananas. For some reason bananas in Arizona go bad fast – very fast! I buy new ones and within hours of getting them home, they are past the ‘ripe’ level where I (or anyone else in the house) would want to eat them. I often dream of freezing them for later use but usually find myself throwing them in the trash bin. Yesterday I procrastinated no further. I found a use for these browning, ugly and nearly rotten bananas. One banana was actually past the point of no return. I just couldn’t stomach using a banana with mold on it so it joined a long history of bananas who got to see inside of a Hefty bag.

So my very simple, quick and tasty ‘solution’ to get rid of the bananas was to put ice, two bananas and a healthy amount of vanilla soy milk in a blender. I added milk so it would actually turn into something resembling a milk shake instead of a snow cone (for those of you who cringed at soy milk, you can use regular milk with a teaspoon of vanilla). After the ingredients were loaded, I pushed the “ON” button on the blender. What? nothing happened? Ice got jammed? I tried again on a lower setting resulting in a very loud noise. Eventually things in the blender got moving to create a tasty concoction that my 7-year-old gulped down with a passion. He kept filling up his cup (like it was all for him?) until there wasn’t much left and he resorted to drinking right from the blender. He was really happy his sister was napping so he could drink it all. No way was he going to share this treat!

My lessons learned:
1) Something delicious can be made from rotten bananas besides banana bread
2) You can fool your kids into thinking that this ‘smoothie’ is dessert and get them to eat something healthy.
3) Cooking can be entertainment. My 7-year-old liked the idea of grinding stuff up in the blender, and it actually got him to stop watching “How it is Made” for 90 seconds.
4) I need more rotten bananas, because I could really use a smoothie right now but we are all out!

Do you have any rotten bananas you need to get rid of?


One thought on “Rotten Bananas = Great Smoothie!

  1. I have a FREEZER full of them! I hate throwing away food, so the bananas that even I won’t eat get peeled and put into individual ziplock sandwhich bags. (ever try to peel a frozen banana?)

    I have a similar smoothie recipe: banana, walnuts, almond milk, ground flax seed, protein powder, and, if we have them, blueberries. Oh, don’t forget the 1/4 tsp of “pumpkin pie spice”

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