Why LIFE is not just a game…

Too bad we can’t just play the game of LIFE instead of actually living it. With a game, you can start and end whenever you want. If things don’t turn out the way you want, you can quit or start a new game. Unfortunately, real life includes baggage and feelings that can’t just be dropped so we can start over. Can we please clear the board?

A friend posted on their Facebook today,” Life has many different chapters for us. One bad chapter doesn’t mean the end of the book.” This sounds great, but how easy it is for people to move on from their past? Our scars are embedded in our skin and ego and we must carry them around for our whole lives. Exactly how much therapy and healing does this require? It is one thing to heal a cut or a broken bone, but our psyche is not as easy.

Every day we have the stress of going to work to feed your family, taking care of loved ones, and if we are lucky, there is time for hobbies and self-improvement. Where does my ‘have-to’ list turn into my ‘want-to’ list? Can I get rid of my ‘have-to’ list and only have a ‘want-to’ list. Maybe with the right attitude, or the right job.

As I find myself unemployed for the first time in my life, I feel like I am finally ‘away’ from everything, only to find a new stress of finding work. How long will it be before I want to escape being ‘away’ to ‘get back to work’? I want to make sure that wherever I land that it is the right place for me. No one wants to take a job only to find out that 9 months later they don’t like it. My door of opportunity has opened so I plan to make the most of it. Besides, how often in your career do you get dedicated time to actually think about what you want or need?


2 thoughts on “Why LIFE is not just a game…

  1. Interesting comment on the “have-to” vs. “want-to” list. I guess it depends on what you’re referring to… activity vs. stuff? I guess it would be nice to have less in the “Have-to-do” column in my life, but then, how much is there really in that column? Am I confusing “Have-to” for “Think-I-need-to”?

    And as for stuff: I’m sure a lot of problems would be solved if people would realize that a lot of stuff they think is in the “Need” list is really in fact in the “Want” list. After all, what do we really NEED, anyway? (And, NO, no one NEEDS an iPhone or iPad… but I got my eyes on the latter!)

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