Vacations….relaxing? Not!

I returned from my Colorado vacation and it seems I need another vacation to recover. Vacations are no longer getting away to relax. Instead vacations are traveling to far away places and cramming as much site-seeing as possible into the limited time available. If you don’t fill your vacation with activity, you feel like you are wasting it, don’t you?

Right now I am so tired my eyelids want to shut, as I sit on the sofa – immobile. I feel the leather of the sofa around my body as I sink further in. My limbs are so heavy it feels like gravity is pulling and drawing me down into the floor. Moving is a major effort. Do I weigh twice my weight right now? It feels like it. Maybe it was returning to sea level after several days at the high altitudes in Colorado, that is impacting my weight. I feel the opposite of weightless like an astronaut is in space, I am weightful.

My muscles are sore and tired, aching from use. The hikes from the vacation seem to have taken their toll – or maybe it was carrying a 40 pound 4-year-old who kept saying, “Carry me”. Now, I am tired and need to rest, but who will carry me…to my bed? I wish to sleep and wake up feeling lighter. I believe becoming lighter is the only way I can move from this comfy leather sofa. Besides, why would I want to move when I have a cup of tea within reach on the table beside me, and a blanket to keep me warm? Maybe if I sleep here the night I can recover – or maybe it will take a week? Is this what everyone feels like after taking two kids on vacation for a week? It seems that next time I should just go away by myself as it is the only way to actually relax and that is what the purpose of a vacation is – isn’t it? Or have we lost site of the purpose of vacations?


2 thoughts on “Vacations….relaxing? Not!

  1. Agreed. I just got back from a Colorado vacation of six days. I complained to my husband that I felt exhausted. The trip took a lot out of me.
    Several months ago we went to Cancun. I was so excited before the trip! It took almost a week to feel better, my old self again.
    I think I am done with the concept of getting away to relax. What a bunch of hoo-ha!!

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