Will scented candles replace meals? I was sniffing the 10+ Gold Canyon candles that my husband brought home from work the other day and I got this idea of candles being ‘smellicious’. Could these scented candles actually curb my appetite? I thought of this as I was smelling black licorice flavor (my favorite). What if I could just burn a candle and smell it instead of actually eating the desired food?

Imagine waking up every morning to a burning candle smelling of bacon and eggs. Could I just smell the candle and head off to work with my appetite satisfied? Would I be hungry later? The best thing is that the candles are fat-free and calorie free. Candles will rival water as the zero calorie (food?) for every fad diet.

I am unsure if these candles actually curb my appetite, although this afternoon when I burned the black licorice candle I had no desire to eat anything. Coincidence? I think not. As humans we have a need for sites, sounds, and smells, otherwise why would we be given this amazing sensory capability? We are stuck in our homes and offices all day long away from the smells and sounds of the outdoors. It seems it is time to bring the smell back into our lives. I am not talking about candles that smell like old garbage or wet dog (then again maybe some people like that scent?). Maybe all these scents could put us in a better mood if we were inhaling lemon meringue pie or black licorice all day. Imagine the improvement in my work productivity.

Honestly some of these candles smell good enough to eat – Gingerbread? Birthday Cake? I can’t figure out how I could have my appetite satisfied by a candle, or without actually eating, but it seems there is something to it. Lewis and Clark really could have used candles like this on their western exploration so they could have avoided eating their shoe leather. Could they make candles that smelled like shoe leather? I never ate shoe leather, but someone might find it…’smellicious’.


2 thoughts on “Smellicious

  1. In the tv show with Christina Applegate…the one where she has amnesia, oh yes, Samantha Who? it was called…she and her bf sat outside the cupcake bakery to enjoy the smell of the freshly baked cupcakes without the calories….maybe you’re on to something!

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