String bikini…a small risk

My 4-year-old daughter decided that she must have a bikini for the upcoming water day at school. I had a couple of $10 reward coupons for Old Navy, so we went shopping. Upon entering the store we discovered it was $2 tank day. The other 100 or so people in the store were there for the tank tops. I was just there to run in quickly to buy a kid’s swimsuit. The checkout line wrapped around the entire store. I just hoped the line would dissipate before it was time for us to check out.

We found the little girls section and my daughter looked over the suits quickly deciding what she wanted – a white bikini with orange hearts on it. Very cute. If they had one in my size I probably would have bought it. As I looked over at the checkout line, I realized that it was still quite long. I can’t wait in that long line for just one little bikini? But maybe I could for two? Maybe I need to look at swimsuits too?

At first I thought the swimsuits looked a bit ‘young’. Shouldn’t I get something ‘age appropriate’ for a 40+ mother of two? I kept looking at the string bikinis. Hmmm. Could I wear that? Or would I look completely ridiculous? I picked up a conservative 2-piece suit, but I just wasn’t satisfied. It was like I went to Ben and Jerry’s and had to order a muffin instead of Phish Food or Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I really wanted the string bikini because I had never bought one before. I even thought to myself, “How much longer will I be able to wear something like that anyway?”. I thought momentarily of Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City 2 picking out a ‘young dress’, but I wasn’t dissuaded. I quickly grabbed the string bikini and without trying it on, bolted for the checkout line. I was hoping to get out of there quickly, so I wouldn’t change my mind. The line was still as long as the moment we walked in, but I had decided to be a risk-taker. I was all-in for the string bikini.

Once home, we immediately put on our new bikinis. I cautiously moved in front of the mirror. “Oh” and an eyebrow raise was I all could muster for a response. I was actually surprised that it didn’t look bad. I decided that bikinis are designed so it doesn’t matter what it looks like; the object is to show off a lot of skin which guys seem to like. The real test was when my husband walked in. The big grin on his face and “Wow”, told me what he thought of the suit. I believe I made a wise choice on the string bikini. I realized, you just never know when you take a risk what the outcome might be, but isn’t it worth the risk to find out?


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