Garlic, don’t breathe on me!

My eyelids are heavy from a dinner of tortellini and Caesar salad. I love the taste of pesto on my tortellini, I just don’t like tasting it for the next 24 hours. At least when I have pesto it satisfies my palate for weeks, if not months. I like pesto because it is easy to make and serve. Just cook the pasta and stir in the pesto – then eat! Making the pesto itself isn’t hard either, although it seems like I hardly ever make it from scratch.

Why don’t I make pesto from scratch? It seems a matter of ingredients (is it thyme?). No, not thyme, it is time! Either I buy the basil and it withers and browns to an unusable state (because I didn’t have time to make the pesto) or I have the time, but I don’t have the fresh basil. Maybe this is the reason I like to cook from canned or frozen foods – because of the availability issue (time and ingredients).

Tonight I stuffed myself with store-bought pesto on my tortellini and enjoyed lounging and reading a good book by the pool. Sometimes I have thyme for pesto, but unfortunately you don’t need that ingredient for it. Also, tonight I just don’t care that I didn’t have the basil, because I can always find other fun activities to do with my time – or thyme? Either way!


One thought on “Garlic, don’t breathe on me!

  1. CostCo has some really good ready-made pesto in the refrigerated section.

    Who has basil and pine nuts at home to make their own? And have you priced pine nuts recently???? Oh my!

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