Yoga is killing me, but making me stronger

On week three of yoga I feel like it is killing me, but it is also making me stronger. After yesterday’s ‘practice’ I feel like an invalid. I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, my back is sore and my shoulders are tight. There are sore muscles in my legs and arms, but honestly I didn’t even know there were muscles in some of these places!

This afternoon (now that I finally limbered up) I was standing in the kitchen during the dinner rush-hour. “Did you see this?” I said, as I flex my arm in front of the whole family. “Wow!” they yelled back. They seemed impressed, but then again maybe the kids just thought it was cool that mommy flexed her arm like some tough guy and not the chubby armed gal that I am.

I have to say that I was impressed that in such a short time I actually saw change and improvement (particularly in my arms). This yoga business is tough, but I am now seeing physical benefits beyond the mental benefits I was already getting. It really does create a strong body and mind! I am still trying to figure out why I stopped doing yoga several years ago. Luckily it is never too late to get back into it. I am glad I didn’t wait any longer (the pain could only have been more excruciating if I had waited longer). When you are going to get back to doing something you love? Really, it doesn’t take long before you reap the benefits.


One thought on “Yoga is killing me, but making me stronger

  1. Ever tried “Hot Yoga”? (105 degrees, 50% humidity)

    Then again, I guess you could do that outside on any summertime afternoon there in AZ!

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