The early bird…flies!

Why do I sign up for these crazy early flights for work? When I saw a 6AM flight it sounded early, but not that early. For some reason, my mind ignored the fact that I needed to back up a few hours from that time to get to my wake-up time of ‘4AM’. You have got to be kidding? Obviously no one would sign up for a 4AM flight because the thought of waking up that early is simply horrifying! Honestly, 4AM is a time you should be deep in sleep and not have to think about being awake – never mind coherent enough to pack your luggage, drive to the airport and then navigate security and the Starbuck’s queue’s. If you are going to be awake at 4AM it should be for fun, not for work. You should be at Denny’s eating breakfast after a night of drinking and revelry with your friends or waiting for the sunrise on a romantic tropical beach with your lover.

Sometimes the early morning flights are unavoidable because you have to arrive for an early meeting or you want to get home to see your kid’s soccer game. Although there are negatives of the early morning flight, there are also positives. There usually is no traffic on the way to the airport. I mean, only crazy people and workaholics would be driving anywhere at that hour. Second is that the airport is relatively quiet. The security lines are quicker because only a handful of flights leave at such in impossibly early time. Today I noticed that I didn’t spend much time hanging out at the airport (like I usually do) because by the time I got to the gate it was time to board. (How efficient of me?) or maybe it was really a sign of laziness (how close can I cut it and still make the flight?). Apparently pretty close since I arrived about 5:15 AM for a 6:00AM flight. My biggest worry this morning was that Starbuck’s didn’t open until almost 5:30 AM and there was already a healthy line of people who had formed.

I was just happy that my early rising resulting in me actually getting to my destination on-time (unlike the day my 6 AM flight was cancelled and the airline postponed my flight to the next day). Today I arrived in Denver on-time, but then my co-worker had a delayed flight, so I ended up waiting around for a while anyway. Sometimes the early bird doesn’t always get the worm, but flying early certainly helps you make the most of your day…assuming the airlines cooperates with your plan.


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