Thank you for being my friend

Sometimes friends are unappreciated, so here is my list of thanks you’s to all my friends…..
1) Thank you for showing me respect and helping me understand that I deserve respect.
2) Thank you for helping me see that I have to make decisions for myself AND that I cannot make decisions for other people.
3) Thank you for listening and providing a shoulder to cry on.
4) Thank you for being my teacher…of so many things.
5) Thank you for telling me the truth, even when it angered me.
6) Thank you for providing me support and advice, without actually making the decisions for me.
7) Thank you for being there when I needed you…of which there have been many times this past year.
8 ) Thank you for making me feel safe.
9) Thank you for providing comfort when I had no other place to get it.
10) Thank you for being my friend.


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